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Travels In Madau, Austria

A Journal Entry from my first day in Madau, Austria *unedited*

June 9th 2019 at 6:59 AM

Today was my first day working at Madau! the experience was one that i was pretty nervous for, although everything actually went much better than expected. I started my shift by putting my name card in a little machine, and time-stamping myself in. I thought the whole time stamping in thing was cool, because I have only seen that in the movies, and have always wanted to try in in person. Usually when i clock in for it is electronically.

after checking in, the shift began with my host showing me around the workstation. there are two main stations really – at the front of the house there is a bar where all the drinks are served, and in the back of the house there is the kitchen/bakery and next to it there is a little cafe station, where all your caffeine addictions can be appeased.

so I hover around these 3 stations whenever duty calls – when I’m not doing that I am speaking to the customers asking if everything is okay  “alles in ordnung?” or serving them, then saying “gutten apetit”, or bus-boying around the place, and picking up and sorting dishes.

I’ve worked in a diner before, but this place is fantastic! my server/bus-boy/dishwasher/host skills are definitely being put to work, unfortunately my time at the village inn was english in nature and did not adequately prepare me for the sheer monster that is Austrian German. In school, and in self-study I am almost exclusively exposed to Hoch Deutsch “High German”. It is the dialect that is spoken in almost all of German news, shows, german youtubers and introductory courses for German. 

When I hear a couple speak Hoch Deutsch in a bakery, I am able to clearly understand their conversation and type of Brötchen that they want, because every syllable is carefully sounded out with ultimate German precision and efficiency. Austrians (and their Bayern neighbors to the north) mesh their words together, have their own slang, and have a much rougher, warmer tone to their speech, as opposed to the more dispassionate sounding proper German. I’m starting to like the German down here (controversial I know!), Austrian German sounds like good bread being made, proper German sounds like a sharp knife cutting said bread.

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  1. Hey there,
    I just finished reading your first post on here, and WOW! Letmetellyasomething, its excellent! I believe, your writing ( here at the very least ) has personality that oozes everywhere, from the spaces in-between the words to the breaks in the paragraphs. I hope to see more of your writing about slice-of-life moments that you find in your life. Of course, this is only a recommendation, but hey, I recommend it. I hope this comment finds you well, in good times and health.

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